Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hi everyone,
I've already sent out an e-mail, but have been notified that many still do not know.......from now on, we are using S & G restaurant as a "default" meeting place. That' means every week we meet as S & G, unless you get an e-mail......which I will try to send out on MONDAY to provide adequate notice.

So if someone does have a suggestion or request (for example, we will be meeting down at the Cultural Center again some time in December to see artist in residence David De Rosa), make sure to get it to me before Monday evening.

Also, Shelley Gilchrist has been kind enough to offer her services in organizing/collecting a "Christmas tip," for the staff of S & for those of you who frequent breakfasts at S & G, you can give Shelley any money you feel you would like her to pass on.

Hope everyone has a happy Turkey/Tofurky Day!!!!!!!!!!


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