Thursday, November 4, 2010

November exhibits and members' faces

Kim Laurel is showing her work with 12 other artists at the First Annual Printmakers Exhibition at the East Gallery at Walnut Ink Gallery through January 2, 2011

Two master printers, Thomas Lucas and David Jones, are in the exhibit.  Other artists are Hiroshi Ariyama, Laura Berman, Brett Colley, Lora Fosberg, Ladislav Hanka, Deborah Maris Lader, Julia Nielsen, Andrea Peterson, Megan Sterling, Jay Ryan.
607 Franklin Street, Michigan City, IN
Phone: 219-879-1340

Kim Laurel, Border Town

The 3D 12 Pop-Up/Tear-Down installation and performance at Space 900 on Friday night was deemed a hit!  About 100 people attended the event. The 3D 12 members who participated are all members of the Artists’ Breakfast Group: Mimi Peterson, Beth Kamhi, Michelle Stone, Alan Emerson Hicks, Ruyell Ho, Jim MacRoberts, Peter N. Gray, and Eric Steele.

3D 12 installation at Space 900

Work by Ruyell Ho

Performance by Alan Emerson Hicks

3D 12 installation at Space 900

You can re-live the experience!  Now that the Artists' Breakfast Group has decamped from Murphy Hill Gallery, here are some (untagged) smiling faces to remind us of opening night.  And again, thanks to the Exhibition Committee (Sandra Holubow, Bill Whiteside, Ruyell Ho, Peter Jones) for organizing the show and making the bash a success.  They created a great night for us all, and may their many good deeds remain unpunished.

Thanks to Fred Holubow for the photos.

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