Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bob Kameczura and Kim Laurel at Beverly Arts Center

This Saturday, Feb. 25th Bob Kameczura and Kim Laurel are in a show of 39 artists doing work all related to Shakespeare. It is at the Beverly Arts Center
at 2407 W. 111th Street, Chicago. 6 til 9 PM
and there is parking there....

This will be a grand Gala affair with food items that relate to the
time of Shakespeare. Some of the artist will even wear Elizabethan
outfits. This is an extremely large show and will attempt to cover
most of the plays with some unusual and unique perspectives
by 39 Chicago artists working in a variety of styles.

The show runs April 1st.

Then on March 18th there will be a Artists Talk on their work...2 til 5 PM.

Hope you can come and see the show and nibble some Shakespearean
food and art.

The exhibiting artists are: 

Jose Agustin Andreu, Rene Arceo, 
Tim Arroyo, Sharon Bladholm, 
Keith Brownlee, Mario Castillo, 
Laura Coyle, Michael Ferris, Chris Flynn, 
Jonathan Franklin, Anne Farley Gaines, 
Jan Spivey Gilchrist, Sergio Gomez, 
Fletcher Hayes, Alan Emerson Hicks, 
Preston Jackson, Robert Kameczura, 
Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, 
Richard Laurent, Diane Levesque, 
Carron Little, James Mesple, 
Geoffrey Novelli, Christine O’Connor, 
Joyce Owens, Mary Patton, 
Corinne D. Peterson, Tom Scarff, 
Charlotte Segal, Beth Shadur, 
Steven Sherrell, Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, 
Michelle Stutts, Frank Tumino, 
Maureen Warren, Kathy Weaver, 
Marzena Ziejka, and Jill Zylke.

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