Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nancy Charak at Cornelia Arts Building Open House 3/23

Nancy Charak, "Orpheus & Eurydice," 8"x8" watercolor on clayboard

The Cornelia Arts Building - Where Art Works
Please join us for the Spring Open House on Friday, March 23, from 6-10pm. 
CORNELIA ARTS BUILDING, 1800 W. Cornelia, Chicago, IL

The Cornelia Arts Building provides a unique, public art experience through regular open houses and tours. Meet local artists and explore art! Doug Birkenheuer, Jeff Bryner, Lauren Harlowe, Jeremiah Ketner, Reed Kirst, Basia Krol, Alley Maranto, Jason Messinger, Ahavani Mullen, James Pareti, Darrell Roberts, Judy Schumacher, Susanne Siegel, Scott Simons, Tiffany Stronsky, Kevin Swallow, Fraser Taylor, Eric Weinstein and ME!
Established in 1986, Cornelia is the only all-artist studio building on Chicago's Northside and a hub of creative practices. Over 40 local artists including: sculptors, painters, photographers, printmakers, jewelry designers and more!
Our quarterly 0pen studio tours provide a unique oppotunity for visitors to see inside the working artists' studio and to meet the artists.
Close to public transportation, free parking available.

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