Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mimi Peterson at Emily Oaks Nature Center, Skokie

Mimi Peterson's "Waste and Want" is now installed at Emily Oaks Nature Center and can be viewed during the Center's visiting hours.  The outdoor work is located to the right of the building entrance.   I attach images and artist statement dated August, 2012.  As time passes, the material and form of the sculptures will be altered, as will the site's native plants bloom and die.  These natural changes are an important conceptual component of the project and will be documented periodically. 

Please visit the Center, enjoy the artwork, breath some fresh air.

Emily Oaks Nature Center
4650 Brummel
Skokie, IL   60076
East of Cicero/Skokie HY. and North of Howard

Mon.-Fri.  8 am - 5 pm
Sat.         8 am - 4 pm
Sun.       10 am - 4 pm


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