Sunday, March 31, 2013

Uptown Arts Center News

10,000 Ripples/Changing Worlds  Uptown Artist Residency with Trisha O. Martin

Through a diverse set of four workshops using recycled and found materials, Uptown community members, artists, and art enthusiasts will contribute parts and pieces to a culminating sculptural bookTransparent Depictions. This book, along with artist in residence, Trisha Oralie Martin, will be exhibited in early May 2013.
Shaped Writing April 6th 9am-noon  Workshop #3
If words were shapes, what images could we make with existing text written by Uptown community members? With writing from the Illustrated Poems workshop, participants will create imagery using basic shapes cutout from the handmade paper made in the previous workshop. We will discuss how text plays into the design for each page in the sculptural book, Transparent Depictions. 
Temporary Books April 13th 9am-noon  Workshop #4
What is a book? What defines a book? Where are books found? This workshop will explore ways we read books, approach books and engage with books. Using found objects, participants place temporary books in unconventional spaces inside and outside of the Preston Bradley Center. These installations will shake-up our ideas of the book and explore ways in which Transparent Depictions can be read in the exhibition space

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SKETCH!club  Saturday April 20th
To sketch…

a simply executed drawing or painting,
especially a preliminary one, giving the
essential features without the details.

A mixture of professional artists and art enthusiasts sketch one another, other situational models and still-life set ups.
We usually include  timed poses and exercises.
Colette’s Studio, 4th floor  941 W Lawrence  773-450-7246 if door locked.
A relaxed, no pressure environment where we sip wine (or beverage of your BYOB choice), talk and listen to music.
light snacks available
$6  April 20th Saturday 5-7pm

Uptown Arts Center Figure Drawing Group

Friday April 5th  6:30-9:30pm  Molly's Cafe, floor 3 1/2 west
$10  for professional model, light snacks & beverage, music and community!
Join our group on
Gretchen 724-977-2107

Uptown Artist Residency Exhibition

May 3-5th 2013  4th floor gallery Uptown Arts Center
941 W. Lawrence, Chicago, in the Preston Bradley Center

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