Friday, June 27, 2014

Victoria Fuller Artist Gallery talk - about process and materials (and other stuff)

Saturday, June 28   at 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Packer Schopf Gallery (942 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL, 60607)

Come hear the artist talk about the process of making her sculptures and the materials she used - Aren't you dying to know? - and bring your friends. If you haven't gotten a chance to see the show yet, here is a good opportunity. The show runs till July 12th

Mixed media wall sculpture


Victoria Fuller’s sculpture explores nature from many angles – underground, above ground, and inner space. In an exhibition at Packer Schopf Gallery, Fuller offers a multilayer investigation of  environmental systems. Aptly titled Nature², Fuller’s sculptures alternately depict organic and man-made structures, illustrating both nature’s abundance and the dire consequences of human interference. Figurative representations of untouched flora and fauna juxtapose ecological carelessness and exploitation. For example, the hibernating chipmunks of Deep Down starkly contrast Factory Farm’s caged chickens. Viewed as a collection, Fuller’s artwork simultaneously examines nature’s inherent harmony and the human tendency to control it.

Nature² marks a departure in Fuller’s artwork. While prior sculpture re-appropriated common, manufactured objects to subtly reveal environmental motifs, the Nature² collection interprets the natural world via more literal construction. Direct depictions of organic elements - whether among earth and grass or human-implemented industrial piping – allow Fuller to investigate systems impacted by man’s activity in a widely-understandable manner. Though distinct, Fuller’s newer sculpture remains interconnected with her found object-based artwork. Each body of work informs the other, fully illuminating the universal experience of life on earth.


Victoria Fuller is a Chicago sculptor, painter, and natural science illustrator who has exhibited in galleries, museums, and public spaces across the United States. She has been awarded projects from corporate and community organizations such as Disney’s ESPN Zone, St. Louis’ Arts in Transit, and Seattle’s Sound Transit for whom she recently completed a 35’ bronze sculpture,Global Garden Shovel. Fuller is best known for Shoe of Shoes, a large shoe-shaped public sculpture comprised of thousands of aluminum high-heels in front of Brown Shoe Company.

Nature² is open to the public from June 6 through July 12, 2014. It is presented in the upstairs exhibition room at Packer Schopf Gallery.

Victoria Fuller

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