Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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"Collaborative Vision - The Poetic Dialogue Project"
January 31 - April 5, 2009
Curated by Beth Shadur
The Sidney Yates Gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington - Chicago, IL (at Michigan Ave.)
Fourth Floor, Washington St. side of the building
An exhibition of 31 works of art created by collaborative teams of visual artists and poets from across the United States. Featuring works in all media & curated by Chicago area visual artist
Beth Shadur.Artist & Poet Pairs Include:
Jane Fulton Alt + Michael Ryan
Granite Amit + Jan Beatty
David Lloyd Brown + Kate Gale
Kay Campbell + Karen Brennan
Cat Chow + Lisa Chavez
Laura Ann Cloud + Peggy Shumaker
Shawn Decker + Annie Finch
Deborah Adams Doering + Eloise Klein
HealyAna Fernandez + Kathryn Dohrmann
Michael Ferris, Jr. + Maria Gillan
Shelley Gilchrist + Jimmy Santiago
BacaJane Hammond + Barry Schwabsky
Donna June Katz + Maurya Simon
Dianne Kornberg + Elisabeth Frost
Kim Laurel + Michael Burkard
Lynda Lowe + Nance Van Winckel
Susan Mackin-Dolan + Beckian Fritz Goldberg
Elizabeth Mears + L. Lindsey Mears
James Mesple + Jeffrey Levine
BettyAnn Mocek + Michael Heller
Gladys Nilsson + Alan Michael Parker
Laurel Paley + B. H. Fairchild
Bonnie Peterson + Greg Pape
Charlotte Segal + Margaret Rozga
Beth Shadur + Lois Roma-Deeley
May Stevens + Martha Collins
LaShawnda Crowe Storm + M. Eliza Hamilton Abegunde
Lynn Takata + LR Berger
Annette Turow + Steve Orlen
Mirjana Ugrinov + Cynthia Hogue
John Pitman Weber + Cecilia Woloch

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