Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special announcement

a new first edition 178 page hardcover by UK
surrealist poet Anthony Pritchard with full color
reproductions of over 37 paintings by Karena A Karras
for a review of this book please go to : or
and go to 'literary reviews'
full color soft cover and black and white soft cover versions of 'MirrorRealms' are also available

'MirrorRealms' is a collaborative work
by poet Anthony Pritchard, and surreal artist Karena A. Karras,
hovers on the line between stark fantasy and our own grim realities. Pritchard's poem "Sylvia Blue" perhaps says it best:

Things are either dark, or they glowand do not last;they choke and sputter gracious in the bedraggled blackslike chimney sweep heads detached,while the sky has its back to the world.............

to order 'MirrorRealms' go to:

is Anthony Pritchard's fifth book and his
first collaboration with Karena Karras.
Pritchard's other books are titled :
Embrace, Ephemerealms,
Don't Become A Poet Like I Did,
and Dreaming Inside of Streetlights.

Ephemerealms is available in all bookstores via store order and most online retailers.

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