Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dinner at The Red Apple This Sunday!

We will be having another ABG dinner on August 11, Sunday, at 6:30 PM, at the Red Apple Restaurant in Logan Square, 3121 N. Milwaukee Ave. The price is approximately $14, without beverage, and it's an "all you can eat" buffet. This is the last dinner before applications are due for our Caffeine VII Exhibit, August 15. We will have some applications on hand to fill out, and these must be accompanied with a check for $25. Please come to this dinner. We will answer questions, and maybe pose some new ones. And please join Caffeine VII.

We are pleased to announce that Caffeine VII will be part of October Artists Month, and will be on the official calendar. Again, thanks to Kim Laurel and her tireless efforts, our group has been accepted. This listing attracts many visitors and guests at our Openings, which this year will be October 13, Sunday, from 2-5 PM at the Old Town Art Center.
The ARTISTS’ BREAKFAST GROUP (ABG) has been invited to exhibit “Caffeine VII” at the Old Town Art Center, 1763 N. North Park Avenue, in the heart of a Chicago landmark district. The Center is open to the public Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm, and Saturday from 10am - 1pm. Information about the Triangle Association can be found at
Eligibility and Specifications:
Eligibility is open only to members who attend Breakfast meetings and/or dinners.
Each artist is allowed one work, no more than 24” in any direction, as space is limited. Only wall hanging sculpture is permitted, no free-standing pedestals.
Each artist must create a coffee mug to be exhibited alongside their work.
A $25 check payable to Artists’ Breakfast Group for a hanging fee must accompany the Exhibit Form. Your cancelled check is your receipt.
A 10% commission will be taken by the Triangle Association, so price accordingly.
August 15: DEADLINE for the Application Exhibition Form (none will be accepted thereafter) including a $25 check payable to the Artists’ Breakfast Group).
Thursday, October 3, DELIVERY of art work, 4 to 6 pm OR
Friday, October 4, DELIVERY OF art work, noon to 3 pm
Sunday, October 13, OPENING RECEPTION, 2 to 5 pm
Work must remain until Thursday, October 31, LAST DAY OF EXHIBIT
Friday, November 1, PICK-UP art work, 9 am to 12 noon.
Please send $25 check and application below to:
Ruyell Ho, senior advisor email:
Please mail your $25 check and the Exhibition Form to:
Ruyell Ho, 2800 W. Montrose Ave., Apt. 301, Chicago, IL 60618
Bill Whiteside supervises our popular cup project:
Sandra Holubow is organizer/coordinator. email:
Catherine Cajandig is our consultant. email:
Kim Laurel is media advisor.
Fletcher Hayes designs our postcard.
Lorre Slaw is our food coordinator. email:
We hope you will support the ABG and join us in this year’s Caffeine VII Exhibit.
Exhibition Form for Caffeine VII
Due AUGUST 15, 2013 with a $25 CHECK payable to: ARTISTS BREAKFAST GROUP Mail to: RUYELL HO
2800 W. MONTROSE AVE., Apt. 301
Name (print)________________________________________________________
Reminder: A $25 check payable to the Artists Breakfast Group must accompany this application. Artist's coffee mug is to be delivered with art work.
-----------------------------Please attach lower portion to the art work---------------------------
Name (print)________________________________________________________

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