Monday, August 5, 2013

Ruyell Ho and Amanda Ross-Ho showing at the Bike Room

The Bike Room is an artist-run project space in East Rogers Park, Chicago.
For information, please contact: Nancy Lu Rosenheim (773) 329-7879
The Bike Room
1109 W. North Shore Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
For Immediate Release
Unioned Labors
Collaborative Works by
Alberto Aguilar & Alex Bradley Cohen
Judith Geichman & Frank Piatek
Ruyell Ho & Amanda Ross-Ho
August 24 – September 22, 2013
Opening Reception: August 24, 4 – 7pm
Open Saturdays, 1-4 pm
and by appointment: (773) 329-7879
The Bike Room is proud to present Unioned
Labors. Prompted to pair-up for this whimsical
two-step – a pretext to assemble six remarkable
makers into intimate confines – these artists’ unions
hinge, not on their practices, but on secular ties: father/daughter, wife/husband and
The partners will navigate the Bike Room’s spatial peculiarities by the compass of their own
choosing, pursuing crossovers and dualities that support their joint efforts. Their mediums will range
from installation to painting, works on paper, sound and video.
The substance of the resulting projects is couples-specific. Ross-Ho and Ho weave common family
threads that reveal the inevitable bonds of shared inheritance. Cultural nurture is also evidenced,
however, as it demonstrates the art historical generation gap of each artist’s influences. Geichman’s
intuitive calligraphies play against Piatek’s cerebral word collections in structured semantic liaisons.
Their black and white conversations pose questions about the form and methods of dialect and
comprehension. Gestural interactions pass between Aguilar and Cohen as they mirror and ricochet
in time-based, performative vignettes. Aguilar, professor at Harold Washington College, explains
how his mentor-mentee rapport with Cohen transmuted into creative tradeoffs, “…we had both
been troubled youth with no direction, sharing a genuine interest in making art…we exchanged his
energy and play for my focus and discipline.”
Of the six exhibiting artists, SAIC boasts five alumni, one current student and two professors. Their
works have been featured at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art,
New York, The Pacific Asia Museum, California, the Elmhurst Art Museum, Illinois, the Terra
Museum of American Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Carrie Seacrist Gallery,
Roy Boyd Gallery, Roots and Culture and the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago.

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