Friday, August 30, 2013

Peter Jones with Michele Fitzsimmons at Woman Made Gallery

Caught in the Act
'Michele Fitzsimmons at the Art Institute' is a collaboration of 3 artists across a span of 30 years. One summer afternoon in 1981 Michele Fitzsimmons and Diane Schmidt did a daring photo shoot in the galleries of the Art Institute for their groundbreaking book ‘The Chicago Exhibition’. Out of 72 images shot only three photographs were published. Thirty years later Michele thought there might be further images and stories in the unused shots. She worked with Peter to produce a series of digital prints.

Our window back to that afternoon was two 20 x 24 contact sheets that contained all the images made in that intense, panicked, fun photo shoot. The digital prints in this exhibition are all out takes. In some, only minor corrections and cleaning were done. In others, the full force of Photoshop has been used to combine and remake images in the hope that some new light can be cast on that distant afternoon."


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