Thursday, September 26, 2013

ARC 40th Anniversery

Hi Everyone~

This is such a  groundbreaking event by a groundbreaking group of women - the founders and  members of one of the longest-running women-run feminist galleries in the country - the 40th Anniversary Exhibition/Celebration of ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation - of which I am honored and proud to be a member.  

I have a favorite recent drawing in this show, see below, and  though I will be unable to attend the opening myself because of recent surgery (still plowing through the rehab and recovery!)  I hope you will try to make it there for the opening on 9/27 and /or to be there for the panel discussion on the 28th which should be a fascinating insight into the early years of the feminist movement and the gallery's own establishment, by some of its founding members!

Judith Roth

Editors note: Blogger Emeritus Nancy Charek  is also a part of this exhibit.

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