Monday, September 23, 2013

Artwork Delivery and CUPS!

Here's the logo for info on the blog. Please send a memo using this logo (reduced) to remind members of dates for the big event, October 13. Here's the copy for the blog:
REMINDER TO EXHIBITORS: delivery of art work is Thursday, October 3, between 4 - 6 PM,  and Friday, October 4, between noon - 3 PM.
ALL WORK MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ARTIST'S CUP. Visitors to the Opening Reception, Sunday, October 13, 2--5 PM, may not buy a piece of art on the walls, but they want a work by the artist--thus the popularity of the cup project. This is our only fundraiser, so please help us cover costs of installation, food & wine, postcards, and other expenses!

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